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Adam Joshua Smargon

You are reading this with a pretty good computer. It is highly portable (weighing just 3 pounds), draws little power, has a lot of memory, is adept at pattern recognition, and has the ability -- unique so far among all computing entities -- to generate and process natural languages. All this and stereo sound, too. On the downside, it is terribly slow (just a few floating-point calculations a second), it's down for at least a third of every day, and its software is full of bugs, despite having spent the last quarter of a million years in beta. Nevertheless, this computer -- the human brain -- has always been the gold standard.

I always want to be more wired than I am... but I think I already qualify for citizenship in the digital nation. I imagine I am part of that elite top one percent of the world population that has too much Internet access to begin with. I have eight accounts in five states.

And, to add to that confusion, I have my own domain name. Yes, I'm the proud owner and operator of smargon.net. (I would have taken smargon.com, but that aforementioned plastics company grabbed it first.)

As far as finding things on the 'Net, I use four indices and two search engines (for now). The indices are Yahoo, About.com, Wikipedia, and the Librarians' Index to the Internet. The engines are Google and A9 (a subsidiary of Amazon.com).

And for finding people on the 'Net, I use five people finders: Yahoo! People Search, Google, Switchboard, the Anywho Online Directory (brought to you by the folks at AT&T), and Eliyon BusinessPeople Search. (This lets you search for people and their affiliations to companies and organizations.) The reverse-lookup features at Google and the Anywho Online Directory are especially helpful.

namelocationaccesselectronic mailFTP
smargon.net Atlanta, Georgia telnet://jake.smargon.net/ adam -(at)- smargon -(dot)- net FTP
The University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire telnet://cisunix.unh.edu
or https://webmail.unh.edu/
adam.smargon -(at)- unh -(dot)- edu FTP
Northern Essex Community College Haverhill, Massachusetts https://owa.necc.mass.edu/exchange/ asmargon -(at)- necc -(dot)- mass -(dot)- edu ---
Yahoo! Santa Clara, California http://mail.yahoo.com/ recycler1973 -(at)- yahoo -(dot)- com ---
Gmail from Google Mountain View, California http://www.gmail.com/ recycler1973 -(at)- gmail -(dot)- com ---
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Alumni Association
Troy, New York http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/ smargon -(at)- alum -(dot)- rpi -(dot)- edu ---

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