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Adam Joshua Smargon

I love comedy and humor in all forms. I appreciate sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, comedic actors... all of it. With one major exception, here -- in alphabetical order -- are my all-time favorite humorists:

George Carlin. My favorite comedian. He was a genius. I saw him live three times: at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady, New York in April 2002, at the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire in August 2005, and at Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine in October 2007.

Abbott & Costello -- especially their world-famous Who's On First routine
Tim Allen I... need... more... POWER!
Dan Aykroyd -- Super Bass-O-Matic '76!
Dave Barry
Greg Behrendt
John Belushi -- Donuts, the Breakfast of Champions!
Jim Belushi
Lewis Black: "We shouldn't have a global warming problem. We've got spacemen, we've got rockets, we've got Saran Wrap... fix it!"
Eddie Brill
Albert Brooks
Mel Brooks: only the mind of Mel Brooks could create a movie about a musical about Hitler!
A. Whitney Brown: biting comedic commentary.
Carol Burnett
Tony Camin
John Candy -- may God rest his large funny bone
Jim Carrey
Dana Carvey
Andrew "Dice" Clay: "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children her uterus fell out."
John Cleese
Bobby Collins
Bill Cosby
Wayne Cotter: "Can't you just whip something up?"
Billy Crystal
Jim David
Rodney Dangerfield: No respect, no respect at all...
Danny DeVito
Jeff Dunham: featuring Peanut (with Lee Press-On Hair), Jose Jalapeņo (on a stick!), and Walter ("You're retired... how much sex ya gettin'?" "None... and I'm hoping for less!")
Bill Engvall: Here's your sign.
Wayne Federman
John Fox
Jeff Foxworthy: Rednecks exist in every state in America. He's united them all.
Al Franken: Yes, I'm convinced Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot.
Stan Freberg
Peter Gaulke
Jackie Guerra
Dale Gonyea -- Help! I'm turning into my parents!
Johnny Hardwick
Pat Hazell
Mitch Hedberg
Bill Hicks
Eric Idle
Eddie Izzard -- not just a comedian/transvestite... he's a comedian/executive transvestite!
Richard Jeni: "Today I'd like to make a nice beef Wellington. I'd also like to be in a hot tub with Cindy Crawford, but hey, let's be realistic."
Andy Kaufman: the first performance artist.
Garrison Keillor
Gerald Kelly
Elvira Kurt on Gay Pride Day: "Millions of people with one thing in common: a mother who's miserable."
Laura Kightlinger: Funny. Brilliant. She deserves to be a star. Why hasn't it happened yet?
Craig Kilborn (former ESPN and Daily Show)
Sam Kinison -- may God rest his loud funny bone
Sue Kolinsky
Cathy Ladman
Denis Leary
David Letterman
Jerry Lewis -- Did you know that he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Wendy Liebman
Bill Maher (Politically Incorrect)
Howie Mandel: I was at his pinnacle of stand-up performance: Gator Growl 1997, Gainesville, Florida. How do you top a room of 70,000?
Jeff Marder
Steve Martin
Jackie Mason
Kevin Meaney
Dennis Miller
Steve Mittleman
Rick Moranis
Martin Mull -- who I loved as Colonel Mustard in the film Clue
Eddie Murphy
Sue Murphy Bob Nelson
Michael Palin
Tom Parks, a University of Florida alumnus
Penn & Teller
Emo Phillips
John Pinette
Paula Poundstone: "I love the smell of cigars. It reminds me of my grandpa just before he died."
Richard Pryor
Brian Regan: "Back seat! In the middle! With my feet on the hump! I called it!
Paul Rodriguez (A Million To Juan)
Rita Rudner
Johnny Sanchez
Jerry Seinfeld
Garry Shandling
Craig Shoemaker
Martin Short
Bobby Slayton
Jon Stewart: The new host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central.
Mike Sullivan-Irwin -- he needed help after being hooked on phonics.
Judy Tenuta -- she has an accordion too!
Cal Verducci -- a terrific comic who I've seen twice at Comedy Works in Glenmont, New York...
George Wallace
Ron White: "Are you sitting in a beanbag, naked, and eating Cheetos?" Gene Wilder -- who was brilliant in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Robin Williams
Steven Wright

I love improv comedy. For almost three years I was a member of Theatre Strike Force, an improvisational and political-activist theatre troupe at the University of Florida's Department of Theatre. I minored in acting.

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