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Adam Joshua Smargon

I am an environmentalist. I hold two college degrees in the environmental field. I am a college instructor in environmental issues for the Albany campus of Bryant & Stratton College and for Southern Vermont College in Bennington, Vermont.

Why am I in the environmental field? Because I wanted to do something important with my life, and I am convinced that the environment is more important than any other discipline. I don't mean to insult or condescend any other discipline, but I made a realization: all of the civil rights, human rights and social causes that people are fighting for would be lost if the environment was destroyed. That's when I realized my life's work.

Perhaps another way to explain my interest in environmental matters is the following:

Eight Reasons Why There is Nothing More Important Than Protecting the Environment
by Jack Flatley, Sierra Club of Pennsylvania

  • It is wrong to leave a diminished world to our children and grandchildren.
  • The poor and powerless are the first to suffer from pollution.
  • We have no right to contribute to the extinction of any creature on the earth.
  • It is wrong for a child to be sick for even one day, only for profit to overrule care of our environment.
  • Health is the greatest gift a person has, and risking it is a society’s most reckless action.
  • A world of, by, and for man alone -- apart from and alienated from nature -- is a sad and diminished world.
  • Clean air, pure water, and healthy foods are the foundation of everything else in this world.
  • We are of the earth itself, and in harming the earth, we harm our spirits and degrade ourselves.

  • (By the way, it is purely by coincidence that the Smargon Plastic Machinery Company has to do with molding plastic bottles, which are, of course, recyclable.)

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